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INVIOLABLE RULE! To act when the dog is dead

"To act when the dog is dead"


"Dog measures" sequel.

The last time was a stray dog measures in the umbrella.
Today's dog measures…
It is the time zone!
Time zone? What?

When will you guys go to the tourist?
Most often the would be bright time zone.

Actually It is important also go out time zone is a stray dog measures.
Most of the dog if the temperature exceeds the 30 degrees during the day is the "death dog" state in the heat.
But, evening get cool,and it begins to prowl energetic.
This is awkward.


In the evening, you'll want to go to the night market and bars. Are not you?
But, stray dogs is also healthy‼︎

It is also a healthy early morning.
Please morning jog or walk is careful if hobby.

The temperature is a cool, dog is healthy!
This is important word‼︎

But, in the night market is okay.
Please be careful if you walk to the Market.
Please be careful even when you get off from the tuk-tuk.

So, let's can go out without fear‼︎


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