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What would you do? If it is attacked by a dog!

"where how to use "umbrella" is new in Thailand and Laos"


NongKhai is very very hot‼︎
So it is a parasol for solar heat interception glaringly!
It is an umbrella for sudden rain measures!
So,but ...
There is how to use umbrella only by the NongKhai (Thailand)
How do you use it?
It is dog "measures ‼︎‼︎

Anyway, ‼︎ where a wild dog is!
Not just stray dogs.
Dog also all free-range! ( ̄◇ ̄;)
Anyway, the dog! dog! dog!
Like dying dog⁇
No, no dangerous!Anyway dirty!
Is absolute touch is useless!

Once but talk,If you see a dog.


Here umbrella appeared‼︎


Towards the dog open the umbrella.

This is the Thai style, the correct use of the Laos-style umbrella! But this is very effective.

Maybe move you will also in Nong Khai by walk or tuk-tuk. Okay when you are riding a tuk-tuk. But when you get off from it please be careful Because there unexpectedly.

We also stroll walk. Are not you? Need umbrella! So it is how to open the umbrella.

"Is there such as how to open an umbrella?"


I wrote earlier,Open towards the dog. But this does not mean to intimidate the dog. It is dangerous and menacing! So it opens to protect yourself.

This is a pretty important.

It feels to guard along the himself After you open the umbrella. The dog will almost give up on this just. But there are other!

Dog measures! It next time! See you!

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